Johnsys Wage is modeled to help all kinds of businesses and its easily adoptable for for small business and self-employed Individuals.

Business owners find their time quickly eaten up up by salary and tax obligations as soon as they recruit employees to their business.

Johnsys wage is uniquely designed to protect employers by automating as much of the Salary/ wage related functions as possible in accordance with the Tax Laws.

Your business can now take care all of the payments in your organization to permanent, temporary and contractual workers as required. Whether you pay your employees per month, week, day or even hours or have a blend of all, the program is extremely flexible to include all your requirements.

Johnsys wage is online software system wherein all the functions for all your branches can be managed from a single location.

The different features of this system are

The system auto syncs with your biometric devices and captures attendance, overtime, and leaves in real time wage calculation and reporting.

The software enables timely and accurate reporting on planned working shifts, information on actual working hours, and details on activities performed during field service operations improves the accuracy and efficiency of auditing labor while at the same time increasing the speed of payroll.

This feature in the system will help you staff your accounts appropriately, reduce over-servicing, understand which types of assignments are not profitable and monitor the utilization of your employees

The system has capability to record Late Coming / early going and store it in database.

  • You can set up your interview and let your candidates select a time. Johnsys Wage shall take care of the rest
  • You can choose interviewers yourself or let us pick. Johnsys Wage has the capability to choose the most optimal set of interviewers based on interviewer attributes and required skill sets.
  • Johnsys Wage integrates with an interviewer’s calendar to provide real-time availability. Candidates can select a date/time and can even self-reschedule if need before their interview.
  • As soon as the candidate selects the date/time for their interview, Good Time automatically syncs with everyone's calendar and your Attendance tracking so everyone’s on the same page.
  • More than 50% of interviews get rescheduled. With automated scheduling, a candidate can easily reschedule directly from their interview confirmation.

The recruiting function of Johnsys Wage streamlines the entire candidate search and hiring process to make it easier for organizations to add employees.

The system has the feature to store and view the service history of an individual employee to make informed decisions.

The system can store salary structure for different levels of employees and allow for edits and the update becomes applicable across functions and regions.

All the details of the employee, personal, work related, family, health all can be tracked, stored and managed by the system.

The inbuilt feature in Johnsys Wage ensures that you run your payroll in less number of clicks and pay accurate salaries and taxes.

Keep track of how much leave is owed to and taken by your staff. Wages Manager calculates earned, casual and medical leave for allocation.

Quickly check the salary reports including pay slips before confirming the Salary disbursement.

By using the system, the businesses can pay salaries and expense reimbursements to your employees using the ready to upload statements specified by respective banks associated with.

The correct withholding scale for deducting tax from employee wages is automatically calculated.

Once the payroll is confirmed, salary slips are automatically generated in the system and employees shall receive them in their registered mail box.

Meeting all your Fair Work Act requirements has never been easier with comprehensive reports to manage your employees.

Auto generated full and final settlement reports help you to quickly make final payments to employees when they leave.