With Johnsys Van sale Software, your business will have a complete on-the-move management of your Direct Store Delivery operation. Johnsys Van Sale gives the freedom for you to plan, stock, dispatch, track and invoice your van goods in real time. Our advanced mobile van sales and direct store delivery software, designed to help your team improve store merchandising, field sales and delivery processes.

The features are as follows

  • Collections, Payments, Schemes - Full featured solution that provides tracking of collections, payments and allows transparent schemes setup
  • Real time van inventory management - Updates existing stock in van with each transaction.
  • Real time map based van tracking -Track total distance covered and productivity at each stop/outlet on a Map, with geo fencing and real time tracking.
  • Mobile billing using Bluetooth printer - Invoices are printed via a Bluetooth printer upon sale from the delivery van.
  • Plan and schedule direct store delivery (DSD), customer visits and deliveries more efficiently.
  • Improve product placement and reduce stock outs.
  • Share custom pricing, special promotions and discounts.
  • Verify product returns, process orders and settle payments.
  • Maximise van sales with intelligence to cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Access key customer history in real-time from anywhere.
  • Simplify front and back-office admin tasks and reduce paperwork.
  • Online Software - By keeping it simple to deploy and manage mobile devices and software centrally. This reduces costs and complications which helps your busy IT department.
  • Our mobile van sales and direct store delivery software can run on all leading devices
  • You will benefit from latest technology and integration with:
    • Ruggedised / no-ruggedised handheld devices
    • Barcode / RFID
    • Mobile printers
    • Mobile payment systems
    • Recipient identification e.g. eID; Smartcards
    • IoT sensors
  • Balance outstanding – SMS will go to the customer