According to us, an ideal Clinic Management Software must manage multiple clinics and perform diverse functions. The solution offers the flexibility to switch between your clinics inside the dashboard. This gives you the comfort of accessing your Clinic Management Software as a one stop shop for management of several clinics under your umbrella. Along with this, with Johnsys Clinic solution, as an admin you can monitor the access given to the users and enable/disable features based on your specific clinic requirements.

It is very easy to manage new and returning patients with Johnsys Clinic solution. The past patient details can be pulled out quickly by just knowing one detail of many available(return number, patient id, return date, patient name, patient mobile, email id etc) in the database.

Features at a glance

Clinical workflow integration

Our Solution’s design helps integrating it with your current work flow, thereby making it easy for your clinic staffs to pick up.

Patient Management System

The solution houses both Outpatient and In Patient management systems. This helps patients find and book doctor appointments online with ease and this feature is developed to work on all platforms, it also has the provision to notify patients with appointment & medicine alerts through sms and email.

Central Management

Our solutionis modeled in such a way that you can centrally manage all the clinics using a single dashboard.

Data Security

We have ensured that the patient records are entirely safe and secure, data security is our topmost priority.

Integrations and Customizations

JohnsysClinic Management System offers innovative integrations & meaningful customizations which helps in streamlining clinical workflows.

Analytics and Reporting

Johnsys Clinic Management Software analytics and reporting dashboard with minutest details of your clinical workflow houses all the information needed to run your business.

Doctor Prescription/Electronic Medical record

Johnsys Clinic management has provision to upload and have an entire data set of doctor prescriptions with respect to a patient.

In the same way, there is option to upload and maintain electronic medical record of a patient. The history can be accessed from any location.

Upload Lab Report

The system has provision to upload and read the lab reports with respect to a patient, by which the medical history related to tests taken.

Diagnosis Reports

The reports database in Johnsys Clinic is very exhaustive. The diagnosis report capability in Johnsys clinic can record a report of all of the patients and their diagnosis codes in a certain time frame.

Allergy history – Present/Past complaint

The patient history with respect to allergies, past or current complaints can be recorded and an analysis report can also be pulled in based on that.

Medical Summary database

It provides a succinct, comprehensive summary of the applicant’s personal and treatment history and its impact on his or her life. It also clearly describes the factors affecting functioning and ability to work.